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I'm Christina :)
21 - NC - Nerd
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Honest - Emotional - Rational - Open minded - Giggly - Dork - Complicated
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Dr. Who - True Blood - Anything BBC - Anything (AS; RA; DP; BP;) - Supernaturals - D&D - (Insert moar nerdy stuffz here)

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- I don't censor my writing or image posts. Never have. Never will.
- Respect is earned, not given from me.
- I don't bother with Anon, so don't bother.

*slaps self* 

I went back and edited my post, after taking a clear smack to the face with the reality of how offensive this post would be to Alexander.
My sincerest apologies followers.

Now look at something actually entertaining.. (:

(Source: thesuperficial.com)

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    The article is just downright offensive.
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    I dont even care about the chicks at this point, this really bothers me:” If you’ve ever thought about desperately...
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    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL “Plowing through anything with a vagina” omfg hahahaha
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